WOUnitTest 2 is an extension of JUnit for WebObjects development. It is developed and tested with WebObjects 5.3.2, Java 1.5, and JUnit 4.1.

Differences to version 1
WOUnitTest 2 is the subset or essence of WOUnitTest 1 that my teams have used on several projects over the last four years. Updating those projects to WOUnitTest 2 was therefore easy and straightforward. The specific differences to the previous version are:
  • based on Java 1.5 instead of 1.4
  • based on JUnit 4 instead of 3
  • installs as a jar instead of a framework
  • doesn't include a testrunner anymore (Java IDEs all come with a testrunner and ant comes with a junit task, also the idea of running tests in production never turned out to be a useful one)
  • simpler: 3 (+1) classes instead of 15 (+1)
  • package org.wounittest instead of com.codefab.wounittest
  • no more support for testing components (which was a bad idea)
  • no more support for testing against a database (which is too difficult to setup and too slow to run)


WOUnitTest 2 release 1 (2006/09/17) source, binary.
Or check out the latest version from the project's CVS repository.

Old Stuff
WOUnitTest 1 release 8 (2006/01/01) source.

WOUnitTest 2 was created by Christian Pekeler. It is based on WOUnitTest.
WOUnitTest was created by Shin Ogino and Christian Pekeler. It is based on WOFJUnit by Shin Ogino. Early contributions were made by Josh Flowers and Bill Bumgarner. Development since release 3 by Christian Pekeler.
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